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Convenient Method of Payment

NCC Platform services Mobile App, NFC, Web Wallet and NCC card & coupon for making payments in the on/off line Purchases. Buying and Selling transacts require few seconds only.

High-powered Security System

To protect NCC Wallet Holder's asset and information, all the data is encrypted, authenticated and human watched for 24/7.

Asset Value

The Whole NCC team are expanding the NCC applied industries, which NCC users enjoy the enhancement of using it with. Hemp Industry, Casino Gaming Industry, eGoverning Industry, Real Estate Industry, Health & Entertainment Industry and so on.

Native American eGovernment Solutions Powered by NCC Blockchain

NCC  Blockchain Payment Solutions have been adjusted to work for the various applications of the Native American’s eGovernment construction. Among them, the Casino Gaming Platforms, Hemp Cultivation & Ingredients Extraction, and eCommerce Platform are being promoted as the major subjects. During the year of 2019 & 2020, substantial amount of processes will be shown in public so that the concerned technical developments shall connect the existing IT applications to the coming blockchain world of the 4th Industrial Revolution.


Blockchain Based Casino Gaming Cash Flow System - Comfortable and Transparent, Cost Saving and Enhanced Benefits

Hemp Cultivation, Extraction, Trading Platform

NCC Blockchain shall bring Funds, Solutions, Improvements and Future Securities of the Devoted Assets.

Blockchain eGoverning for the eCommerce Platform

NCC Blockchain solution innovates the Transactions and Logistics of the present eCommerce Platform. Navazon eCommerce will be the 1st partnership among the Native American Sovereign Nations.

Intelligent Social Benefit Solutions

NCC Blockchain has been accepted and co-managed by the Native American Nations for their enhancement and innovation with the eGoverning construction. Casino gaming, Hemp cultivating, Location Based Entertainment are the subjected main projects with NCC Blockchain as the top prioritized execution in 2019.

On/Offline Casino Gaming Payment Solutions

NCC blockchain solution system will be integrated with the casino gaming platforms and support the eGoverning of them and there will be a drastic improvement in the whole system-management and marketing strategy. NCC’s new coupons, tokens, and currency system shall create the great PayBack reward events and assure the compensation transparency for the visitors.

Convenient payment method

NCC blockchain solution will serve the users through their mobile phones.
Convenient & Hustle free!

Hemp Cultivation & Extraction Process

As the demand of the Hemp resource grows, NCC has been preparing the Hemp Cultivation projects with Indian Nations. NCC Blockchain wants to contribute to the resource supply and improve the supply network of Hemp resource. The Hemp products dealers shall be well served in this regard with  enjoying substantial discount benefit for purchasing the Hemp resources. Eventually, this relationship shall help NCC  to maintain the stable position in the cryptocurrency market.

Development Plan at Navajo Sanders, Arizona

Hemp, Ginseng, Organic Herbs will be cultivated and processed. Location Based Entertainment, Hotel, Senior Medication & Healing and Rest Area for People and Vehicles are planned on this Freeway Shoulder.

Blockchain eGoverning for the eCommerce Platform

NCC’s key developers are preparing an eCommerce platform of Navajo American Tribal Nation. The eGovernment of Navajo Nation plans to launch its blockchain platform in the year of 2020. This would also expedite settling the eCommerce platform of Navazon by procuring abundant natural resources and utilizing advanced blockchain technology in the whole agricultural industry management of Indian Sovereign Nations.

One Stop Support Platform for Real Estate Investors

NCC and its globally famous real-estate service partners will provide a service platform that assists and proceeds for Escrow, Agreement, Payment for the buyers and  sellers for domestic & global real estate deals.

Escrow process support

NCC and Voit Real Estate Services would perform the Escrow,
Contracting services in fast & costless manners.

Payment Circulation

The NCC database has been currently designed to handle 30,000 Buy & Sell transactions per second
& it will support 100,000 cases during the year 2019.


Users are Awarded
Substantial Discounts & Milleage

With NCC App 100,000 Transaction
are Availavle in ONE Second.

NCC App provides you with
the detail of coin transaction.

NCC Payment System is Wearable
for any Transaction Around the World.


– Initiate CBD cFinalize the coin distribution plan
– Update white paper & refine mobile application
– Complete NCC mainnet alpha & wallet development
– Initiate marketing campaigns
– Set up global advisory team and CBD commerce committee
– Settlement with NCC Purchase & Supply System and Agreement
– Start global cryptocurrency media marketing
– Solidify NCC payment system and start implementation onto CBD merchants’ online stores
– Launching the Beta Service of NCC in the targeted industries
– Finalize NCC mainnet
– Perform wallet UAT and enhance based on user feedback
– Continue marketing campaigns
– Form JV partnerships and alliances
– Broaden the range for functional coverage of NCC applications
– Prepare global launch of NCC fintech network
– Enhance NCC wallet features
– Advance NCC systems based on feedback from respective NCC industry

Management & Advisory committee

Chairman Advisor
  • Mr. Allen Lawson

    Chairman of the KSA Group LLC.
    Chairman of the San Pasqual Band of Mission Indians.
    Chairman of the Valley View Casino & Hotel CEO/Chairman of the Kumeyaay Development Corporation (KDC).

Co-Chairman Advisor

    Senior Partner in the Los Angeles law firm of Hertz Lichtenstein & Young LLP.

Co-Chair Advisory & Strategic Alliance Partner
  • Mr. Charles Weber

    Founder/CEO/Chairman of WEBER CMMUNICATION, INC.Ceo of Lucas Film Ltd.

  • Mr. Il-Moo Chang

    Professor Emeritus,
    Seoul National University

  • Mr. Rick Licht

    CEO of HERO-VENTURES public company CEO and entrepreneur

  • Mr. Robert Pinhuck

    CEO & Founder of Columbia Corporation and NoXeno Health Sciences, Inc.

  • Mr. Mark Howard

    Founder/CEO of

  • Mr. Edward Teddy Riley

    Music Producer/Arranger/ Creative Director/Owner

  • Mr. Jeremy West

    VP Sales of CBDfx

  • Mr. Brian A. Mulvaney

    SIOR, CIM / Sr. VP & Partner Voit Real Estate Services | Mulvaney Commercial Alliance

  • Mr. Qadree El-Amin

    Founder/CEO of Southpaw Ent.